Tuesday, January 23, 2007
Evolution of Monday Night's Dinner

Print PDF of recipe here.

From Sweetnicks' Mom

Stand in front of open fridge door at dinner time.

Take out leftover take-out dinner from the weekend. It was grilled shrimp with linguine. Enough linguine there - just need to add some shrimp since only 2 are left.

Get shrimp from freezer: discover that they were already used. See package of Perdue chicken cuts that I was going to make chicken salad with but was too lazy.

Spy a package of mushrooms that really should be used and 4 tomatoes that are really ripe. Chop mushrooms and tomatoes and saute in some olive oil. Add some leftover chopped garlic, the chicken - and wait - there is a package of gorgonzola crumbles that I bought for a recipe and now I can't remember what recipe they were for. Add some of those. Finally toss in the linguine with whatever sauce it has left and don't forget the two sorry shrimp. Heat for a short time and serve.

It was actually really good!

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